Tuesday, May 24, 2011

kerja yang xda kerja ;-)

aktiviti mengisi masa lapang yang xterlapang sangat la kn... ;-)

For the first time, the only time
I felt something other than
this heart of mine, beating
endlessly in my chest. I felt...
love. Something so vague
and imaginary is now more
concrete than the ground
I stand on.
Words stronger than marble,
I'll write them in the sky
for the world to see, for
the world to know.
The way you shine, in the sunlight
I have to shield my eyes, cause you're so bright
Your eyes like the salty ocean, can't stop this lovely motion
It has begun, like the spring has sprung
New love like the new life, can I survive?

Your love has a hold on me, I cannot resist
The way you smile at me

berjalan2 melihat alam....


berat siapakah ini????msti la aku kn...hahahaha

kala bulan mengambang~


Arm Cher said...

Over nampak pic~

hAfiZ said...

hahaha...kt mna yg over 2 makcik karipap?~

~Nanie@InTaN~ said...

pewitttttt ;p